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HopTop Brewery Kft. was established in 2015 with the aim to create excellent quality beers and build a diverse portfolio of craft beers for the growing craft beer community. We started our brewery in the premises of the former Royal Brewery industrial park. The owner of the company, Szami Ali Rawech worked as a manager at a multinational company, before making an unexpected turn in his career by switching to the craft beer industry. Due to his past as an economist with a maximalist attitude, he was able to build and unite the company, by creating the award-winning recipes and also making the business decisions. Continuous experimentation and professional development can never end in terms of evolution of the company. We hope that this attitude led us to receive multiple international awards. Our beers are not pasteurized or filtered, so their taste is more intense and enjoyable, as all the valuable ingredients remain in them, but due to our outstanding care and hygiene, their shelf life is 1-1.5 years

European Beer Star Competition

This is one of the world's largest and most prestigious comeptition, with its awards ceremony always being held at the biggest beer trade fair of Europe, called BrauBeviale, in Nuremberg.

It gets its high international reputation from the strong jury of experts and the record numbers of participants. Over a 100 judges (in 2016 there were 124 of them) from at least 30 countries are all master brewers, beer sommeliers and acknowledged beer connoisseurs. They assess the beers by blind tasting, judging their color, smell, flavor, aromatic profile and overall impression.

Its name lets us assume that it is a European competition - which it was at the beginning. However, due to its reputation, entries come from all the continents these days. For instance, there were more than 2100 entries from 44 countries from all over the world in 2016, which is why it's considered rather like a world competition.
In this competition, unlike in many others, only one gold, one silver and one bronze medal is awarded per category. Moreover, if none of the beers reach the required level of a category, no medal is given. As hard as it is to believe, it has happened a number of times in the history of the competition. HopTop Brewery’s stout beer, called Midnight Express, won a bronze medal in this competition, which makes us the first and only Hungarian beer brewery so far to receive such recognition.

Our factory

Our brewing equipment is based on the latest technological requirements, as we had already decided at that time, that we would also like to distribute the equipment. After researching many alternatives, we finally chose a foreign supplier who allowed us to modify the basic model according to our own plans. In our brewery we use three vats with 1000 liter and 2500 liter tanks. Our cooling technologies make it possible to produce bottom- and top-fermented beers too. Both economic efficiency and energy saving were important aspects for us, which is why our facility is using recycled energy.By using a yeast feeder the yeast is in a completely closed system creating a completely hygienic overall system. The bottling is done with a 16-head round charger and we finish the manufacturing process with a self-adhesive labeling machine.

Further details

Contact name: Dániel Cseklye

Telephone: +36 20 324 41 28